Reflection on Psychology

Topics: Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Psychology, Reasoning Pages: 3 (832 words) Published: January 14, 2011
Jonathon is attending his first tutorial class on the first day of his school in Ngee Ann Polytechnic with his best friend, Gerald, who has also enrolled into the Banking and Finance Services (BFS). When they first entered the classroom, students on the left side of the classroom are sitting quietly waiting for the lesson to start while students on the right are talking loudly, trying to mingle around with each other. Immediately, Gerald walks to the left side to find a seat and whisper to Jonathon, telling him that students on the right will most probably be very playful and are those who do not do their works. Having heard what Gerald has said, Jonathon decided to follow Gerald so that it will be easier to do project if he is in the same group as Gerald and to form group with the people sitting on the left side whom he thinks are hardworking. Reflection:|

Both Gerald’s and Jonathon’s behaviours can be reflected from the concepts of Schemas and Social Influence. Gerald has this thinking that people who are noisy may not be attentive in class and tend to be of bad influences. This mentality may be injected in his mind by his parents or teachers since young who always teach their children or students to be quiet in class and listen to the teachers. He may also be influenced by the bad expression given by the notorious students who are noisy and playful in his primary or secondary school. Hence, with this mental framework portray in his mind, he is stereotyping noisy people as bad students. As a result, Gerald’s behaviour may make it difficult to retain new information about people who are sitting on the right side who might actually are as hardworking as people on the left side. On the other hand, Jonathon is being socially influenced by Gerald to having the same thinking that student sitting on the left may not be easy to work with. The reason may be that Gerald has been Jonathon’s best friend since kindergarten, and hence, resulted in him believing what...
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