Reflection on My Fair Lady Movie

Topics: Psychology, Woman, Cockney Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: October 18, 2012


“Personality is the glitter that sends your little gleam across the footlights and the orchestra pit into that big black space where the audience is.” -Mae West

The personality is the typical pattern of thinking, feeling, and behavior that make a person unique. Whatever you think, act and speak reflects your personality. Having a “duchess” personality catches the attention of many. When we say that someone has the qualities of being a duchess, we mean that they are loved, likeable, interesting and pleasant to be with. What are the qualities ladies need to possess in having a “duchess” personality? A woman with knowledge, wit, sense of humor, style, feminine demeanor and manners, hygiene, subtlety, modesty and humility make her a lady with pleasing personality. Furthermore, a woman with elegance turns out more to be a woman of “duchess” personality. Being elegant is being feminine and classy in her voice, movement and body language, manner of speech, the way she stands and sits, and responds to other people around her. Every lady can be a “duchess” if we just try to work hard to improve our personality. We can be like Eliza Doolittle of “My Fair Lady” who fought her incompetency in the manner on how she act, dress, and speak. She devoted her precious time in practicing words and phrases that are hard for her to pronounce accurately and also in correcting her very thick cockney accent. Her willingness to learn had helped her to behave with proper mannerisms just like the other royalties. This only means that a woman with poor personality can be transformed into a “duchess” personality through perseverance, effort and hardwork. Everybody has an equal chance to develop ourselves and to prove that we can do better in the future. I admire the character of Eliza for this. Her status in life, job as a flower girl or flower seller, and her cockney mannerisms and moralities did not hinder her from turning...
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