Reflection on Mercy Killing

Topics: Euthanasia, Death, Core issues in ethics Pages: 2 (429 words) Published: September 9, 2010

I came to understand the meaning of mercy killing. It’s another name is Euthanasia, which is ‘killing gently’ or the act of killing someone painlessly especially someone suffering from a deadly illness. As much as I study, there are many different ideas and approaches about mercy killing. Some people agree with it and some are against it. According to Buddhism, mercy killing can not be acceptable. Their wishes to be allowed to die in the last stage of their lives accepting death as a natural end simply. All that we can do is to help to reduce the pain of suffering in others as Buddhists. But for the person who is mentally disabled and very sick, that person would probably wish to die than live. Anyway no country is allowing mercy killing legally also except Switzerland.

As my opinion, let the person choose whether he dies or lives if possible to choose his own way without sentence like the case of Voluntary Euthanasia refers to the action taken by the doctor and the patient, who both agree to end the patient's life. I don’t agree like the case of Involuntary Euthanasia refers to a third party taking a patient's life without the informed approval of the patient who has lost all mental capacity to make his/her own decisions. Because every person has a right to live as long as they want, so no one should take their lives away from them. Because the doctors can diagnose wrong too and then what if there is a chance of that person living but other people don’t realize it.

Some people kill their pets on the grounds that they do not like to see the pets suffer. I think the mercy killing is not the correct method for pets and other animals. When some people see their dogs or cats suffer from some skin disease, they arrange to kill those poor animals. They call this action, mercy killing. Actually it is not that they have mercy towards those animals, but they kill them for their own precaution. And even if they do have real mercy...
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