Reflection on Language

Topics: Second language, French language, German language Pages: 1 (314 words) Published: September 21, 2010
Charlemagne said: “to have another language is to possess a second soul”. Language is common to all people and each in its own context. It links us all together and defines us as individuals. It can be a source of a great power and influence. Born and living in Lebanon, I have acquired Arabic as my native language. Like any other country, the Arabic language in Lebanon differs from region to another which is defined ad dialect. Coming from an urban region, mine is the most common one even if it has its own special aspects. As for writing I have learned within school to develop vocabulary and grammar and used it to expand my writing skills. Using Arabic I communicate with my family, friends and in every aspect in daily life. In some cases, it is a reference when unable to translate any word in foreign language. I have been fortunate enough to learn French and English from the age of 9. Within school and being in a French based one, the main focus was in developing vocabulary, grammar and the most important of all writing skills. I also had the chance to cross communicate with a family in France and another in Belgium. It helped to develop and strengthen my writing skills. I have finished my nursing major also in French. But my passion was and always remains to learn and extend my English language. Most of the skills acquired in English language are a result of a personal effort. I didn’t attend any intensive courses or studied in a specific institute. Now English is used in my daily life, my work and recently in my studies. I think that attending this course will help acquire important writing skills. It will give me a platform for my future studies in nursing and look further to explore language in greater detail.
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