Reflection on Film: Psycho

Topics: Psycho, Horror film, Film Pages: 1 (349 words) Published: February 8, 2013
Sophia Grzeskiewicz
Understanding Film
Reflection #1

In the movie Psycho, we see a character that is the one at fault but is so sweet she is obviously the victim here. When the $40,000 is no longer what we see from Marion Crane, it is because she was murdered, she is now the victim. Robert Ebert, from the Chicago Sun Times states “Marion Crane does steal $40,000, but still she fits the Hitchcock mold of an innocent to crime.” She was originally at fault here, and then she is brutally murdered for no reason by Norman Bates, who now becomes the center of attention. We must now figure him out! “Marion has overheard the voice of Norman's mother speaking sharply with him, and she gently suggests that Norman need not stay here in this dead end, a failing motel on a road that has been bypassed by the new interstate. She cares about Norman. She is also moved to rethink her own actions. And he is touched. So touched, he feels threatened by his feelings. And that is why he must kill her.” states Ebert. This point being made, never occurred to me while watching the movie, I saw just a crazy guy that thought she was pretty and his “mother” didn’t want him to be with her, so out of fear he killed her.

Psycho was a great film that truly was the setup up for future horror films. It is the masterpieces of Hitchcock that really set the standard of movies we see today, he is the master of them and people use his example. Psycho being this horror movie that has a huge unexpected twist in the plot really makes you feel for the characters and engages you in to the film, you almost feel like you are with Marion in the bath tub while she is murdered, you can feel your heart pound from the screeching sound of the music. Everything that was put in this movie was put there for a reason and it all pulls you right in with it.
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