Reflection on Emotional Intelligence and Management

Topics: Management, Weekend, Workweek Pages: 1 (400 words) Published: September 27, 2010
Sarah Nau
Emotional Intelligence and Leadership in the ASC
This reading hit home for me in a number of ways. I thought it was a very intriguing article; not only did it remind me of managers I have worked with, but it also made me think about my management skills and how I affect those around me. I realized that I am usually the one keeping things upbeat in my restaurant job today. That also means that when I am in a bad mood, people really notice. Since reading this article I have made a conscious effort to stay positive, even when it seems like nothing else could possibly go wrong. One manager stuck out in mind as I was reading this article. She was my restaurant manager/mentor this summer as part of my marketing/management internship with McDonald’s Corporation. The first day I met her, she was crabby and in a rush. From her mood, I felt uneasy about starting my new job. This continued throughout my internship and really put a damper on my attitude towards the job and how much I actually learned and did. Because I wasn’t happy with my management situation, I was less likely to do extra work or offer ideas to help in different situations. My second example comes from the restaurant I am currently working at and actually happened Saturday night. Normally on Saturday nights we have 6-8 servers. Since this weekend was the Super Bowl, many people asked for the weekend off. When I came to work on Saturday to work as a hostess, I found out that we had three servers, a server-in-training, and three hosts. We got killed. The entire restaurant filled up in 15 minutes. I was helping the servers with my manager and he was not happy. He was frustrated because of the situation and then yelled at the new trainee because she didn’t know what she was doing. I could see everyone working getting angrier at the situation, which was causing them to make mistakes and get mad at others. I decided that the whole thing was going to get worse if I didn’t...
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