Reflection on 12 Angry Men

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Reflection on 12 Angry Men
When the scene is introduced, the twelve men are discussing how to sentence someone who may have committed murder in the first degree. However, we quickly realize that all of the men have different things going through their mind and even more complicated ways of expressing them.

Jack Warden is a baseball enthusiast who has no regard for other people’s opinions or Henry Fonda asking the jurors to discuss what occurred. He lacks emotional self-perception which can be seen when he discusses baseball with the jurors while having no regard for their knowledge on the sport. Jack also lacks congruency when he changes his vote of ‘guilty’ to ‘not guilty’ just because the majority vote was ‘not guilty’. He also lacks empathy when he insults Voskovec’s immigration history just because Voskovec asked if he knew was “reasonable doubt” was.

George Voskovec is a foreign watch maker. In the beginning his vote is ‘guilty’ but other than this he does not have much to say at first. He shows healthy self-esteem as he is aware of his limitations as a non-native English speaker but still corrects those around him for being wrong. Voskovec demonstrates flexibility when he starts to question the occurrences leaving room for the possibility that his decision of ‘not guilty’ may be wrong. He also shows emotional self-control when he confronts Ed Begley’s lack of manners.

Ed Begley is a garage owner who happens to have a cold during the movie. He demonstrates little respect when he mocks Henry Fonda for disagreeing with the others in the vote for ‘guilty’ and tries to change the subject at the slightest opportunity. Begley also lacks emotional self-control when he expresses his point of view by yelling and shows no regard for the emotions of others when he insults the slums.

Henry Fonda is an architect who from the beginning of the movie leads the situation by having doubts as to the proper verdict for the case and questioning the others. He is...
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