Reflection of Theology

Topics: Christianity, Christian terms, Jesus Pages: 4 (1563 words) Published: May 11, 2012
Running head: Theology Reflection Paper

Reflection Paper of Greater Understanding
Horace Kip Rollins
Theology 104, Liberty University

During the lessons of this course in Christian Theology, I have found a greater understanding of three core concepts that have strengthened my understanding of what it means to be a Christian: First, personal testimonies are important in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Second, if a person states they are a Christian, it does indeed matter how they live their life. And finally, churches need to do more in these unsettling times to not only comfort the communities they are a part of with God’s message, but must do more to provide outreach ministry to make a practical difference in people’s lives. There should be a desire and willingness for all people who call themselves Christians, including myself, to promote and include the message of God through our daily actions and our testimony to others. Personal testimonies are important in sharing the gospel because it allows others to see how faith in Christ and God’s mercy can transform the lives of believers. For the Christian, personal testimony is so important in helping lead others to Christ. As Towns stated in his book, Core Christianity, “Christians must let their light shine to influence others.” Witnessing for Christ allows us to show how His love and mercy have changed the events in our life. We are not to just ask God to get rid of the trial or tribulation, but rather help us to get through the circumstances we face so that we may gain strength of character. Such events are tests of our faith and we are to use them as measurements of growth and as a testimony of God’s unconditional love in transforming and shaping our life for the better. Because we have been “born again” through our profession of faith and God’s mercy, there is a desire to help bring others to Christ. What better way than to include our testimony. When others hear of our past circumstances and the...
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