Reflection of the Oppressed

Topics: Education, Knowledge, Cognition Pages: 2 (537 words) Published: September 16, 2010
Reflection of the Pedagogy of the Oppressed
So far throughout my school career, I have noticed that I have become a victim of memorizing information the teacher preaches but I never really analyze the importance. For example, the Healthcare debate that has been going on throughout the last couple of years. I know that Obama is establishing a new healthcare plan but if someone asked me a question about the importance of the healthcare plan, I could not tell you the answer. I have finally been able to start analyzing the importance of literature beginning with the Pedagogy of the Oppressed.

Freire begins by talking about the relationship between the teacher and the student. “The relationship involves a narrating Subject (the teacher) and patient, listening objects (the students).” In the case he describes the teacher knows everything and the student knows nothing so therefore the teacher is to fill the minds of the students with his or her knowledge. Freire describes this situation as one in which the students are seen as containers into which knowledge can be deposited. The teacher is the depositor and the knowledge is that which is deposited on a daily basis much like bankers deposit money. This bank concept of education attempts to transform the minds of individuals so that they will adapt better to actual situations and be dominated by them with greater ease. Freire, however, rejects the "banking" approach, claiming it results in the dehumanization of both the students and the teachers. In addition, he argues the banking approach stimulates oppressive attitudes and practices in society. Instead, he advocates for a more world-mediated, mutual approach to education that considers people incomplete. According to Freire, this "authentic" approach to education must allow people to be aware of their incompleteness and strive to be more fully human.

After reading this exert from the Pedagogy of the Oppressed, I have come to understand what Freire is trying to...
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