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Reflection of the movie scent of woman

By Claire-Tseng Nov 20, 2014 242 Words
Reflection of the movie《scent of a woman》
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This is absolutely a meaningful movie for me.
I was deeply attracted by the story when I was watching this movie. Not only the story itself is amazing, but the actors are also brilliant. Here are some important points what I learned from this movie: First, the importance of hope. Every of the audience knows that Frank is going to suicide in the story, but in the end, by the encouragement from Charlie, he chose to face the challenges in his life, and lived bravely. It taught us, there are always some hope waiting for us while we are alive. Second, the true value of being an honest man. The speech from Frank in the end of the story was really touching for me. As frank mentioned, there are always crossroads in our lives, we always know which the right pass is, but we might never take it, since it is too hard to take. I totally agree it. Being an honest and innocent person sometimes is really difficult. Especially when it is related with our personal benefits. But Charlie still chose the right way in the end of story, and he won the respect and applause. If fact, every of us has the right to choose the path in our life. But the point is that can we stay good and brave in the end? The movie taught us that we have to.

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