Reflection of the Joy Luck Club

Topics: Family, Mother, Feudalism Pages: 4 (1560 words) Published: December 28, 2012
Reflection of The Joy Luck Club

This movie depicted different life experience of four pairs of Chinese mother and daughter. Though distinct grievous life stories they had, these four Chinese mothers were all born and bred under the background of feudal Chinese regime, cultivated by Chinese traditional feudalism, and fatefully, their lives were poisoned and destroyed by malignant tumor of Chinese backward culture and ideology, for example, women are subordinated to men. More unfortunately, the four daughters who were born and educated in America, assumed to avoid from the influence of Chinese feudal culture, still inherited deformed character, like without self-value and spirit; extended last generation’s tragedy—misery marriage. The mothers could not bear to witness identical tragedies happening again onto their daughters. Therefore, they broke silence and spoke out the painful secrets to redeem their daughters’ lives.

The first pair is June’s mother and June. In June’s eyes, her mother required her to be the best in every way, which was much over her capability. Her mother gave her heavy pressure since she was only a child, forcing her to play the piano, training her to be a pianist. However, this pressure which was good intention of her mother had been distorted into unbearable torture to little June both physically and mentally. Thus, June’s anger erupted:“I’m not your slave. It isn’t in China. You can’t make me. You want me to be someone I’m not. I never can be the kind of daughter you want me to be.” Indeed, June’s mother pushed her daughter forward so hard all the years, regardless of June’s heart affordability and feelings. Nevertheless, to some extent, June’s mother is not the one should be blamed, because abandon her twin babies in war time, which made her grieved to dead. After June’s birth, the mother transferred all her love and hope to cultivate June, including the love to those twin babies. The triple love pressed June breathless——three...
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