Reflection of the Film's Every Child Is Special

Topics: Knowledge, Educational psychology, Want Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Renalyn S. Señoran BMLS 1H

We all know that there’s a difference between special children and normal children but both have similarities. For instance, they both have talents and perspective towards life. They can play and have fun in their own. Both need attention and discipline from their parents to avoid any misconception while they are growing and guide them from learning. Special children need more attention and extra help to develop their social skills. Parents must be extra careful with their special children because they have special needs to be attended. Also, they need to be understood by their family and everyone around them to gain more confidence about themselves and can interact well. On the other hand, normal children can develop their social skills on their own and can gain friends. They can play with another child and gradually learning to share and take turns. They can join in groups and enjoy group experiences. Their needs are easily observe and directly accommodated but still need guidance. These children are part of the society, whether they have disabilities or just normal ones and they must be respected. Every one of us has rights in the society we are in and that includes them. They have the right to choose whoever they want to become and whatever they want to do but with a proper given guidance and attention. The happiness and joy they brought will never be unmatchable especially to their parents. The story of the film Every Child is Special is a kid suffering from dyslexia and with the help of an understanding teacher he overcomes it against all odd. There’s a scene when the protagonist runs away from school and loiters on the road for the whole day for the fear of being punished for not having done his homework. It never happened to me and I never did a thing like that in school but I didn’t say that I’m not lazy rather than I’m not like the protagonist of the story who runs away and would not do anything. The comparison might not...
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