Reflection of Survival Exercise

Topics: Communication, Cognition, Critical thinking Pages: 2 (516 words) Published: March 2, 2012
Reflection of Survival Exercise
Xue Wang
Team Red
Trinity Western University
Reflection of Survival Exercise
Last week we did an interesting survival exercise in communication class. Through the game we are not only had fun in the class, but also gained a lot of enriching communication knowledge. From the exercise, I have learned how to use communication to solve problems when a conflict occurrs in a team. I also learned that the effective way to make a decision to communicate with each other and actively listen to every team member’s opinion. Therefore, actively practicing the knowledge we learned in class helps us to remember it more vividly. The survival exercise is a game that each team chooses fifteen helpful tools to use to survive and escape from the wilderness place. When we played the game, the whole class was divided into three groups and our group included: Ashley, Frank, Lisa, William, Shirley and me. According to the final results, our group was the winner. From my observation, the reason why our group was successful was because before agreeing on a decision, we communicated and actively listened to others’ opinions. If one of the team members had a different opinion, we would first actively listen to his/her idea and then discuss it together to make a final decision. For instance, when we were making the decision about which tool was the most important one tool our team held two different opinions. William and I shared the same opinion: that we were facing a minus 25 degree temperature so the most important thing to do was to keep warm so that then we could escape from the wilderness place. However, our team members Lisa and Ashley believed that the compass was the most useful tool to choose because only by finding the right direction could help we get out of the place. As a result, after actively listening to everyone’s reasons, all of us agreed that to choose the cigarette lighter as our most important tool to escape from the place. This...
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