Reflection of Observation

Topics: Education, Middle school, Observation Pages: 2 (480 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Observational Reflection #3
Today during my observation I became against “hand raising”. I know that there were classes for me in middle school where students would just shout out an answer while others had their hand raised, thus defeating the purpose of hand raising. As a teacher I want my students to feel comfortable answering questions without necessarily raising their hands because of an incident I observed today. The student today during my observation that raised her hand to answer a question became irritated when she did not get the chance to answer it because another student blurted it out. So I will not make my students raise their hands to answer questions. I will explain this to my students because it may seem awkward for the students to stop raising their hand when I ask questions because they have done it for so long. Having a determined set of rules or guidelines for my class will create a classroom atmosphere where students feel comfortable. At the middle school level students should not need as many rules in the class as they had in the elementary school. My classroom will have established rules for my pupils. These rules will consist of being respectful of everyone in the classroom, following the student handbook, and making sure that everything is cleaned up around the desk when a student leaves. Though I will not make my students raise their hands to answer questions they will have to raise their hands to ask for permission to get out of their seat, and go to the restroom. I am one who is all about being fair and treating everyone equally by giving my students the equal opportunity to excel and grow. Eliminating hand rising for answering questions will strongly support this belief of mine. Although I did not see any students being disrespectful during my observations today, I do know that middle school students have a tendency to bully other students in the class and make comments about their teachers. I must admit that in the past I...
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