Reflection of Newgrad Interview

Topics: Interview, Semi-structured interview, Documentary film techniques Pages: 2 (584 words) Published: August 27, 2011
Reflection is a process that enables nurses to explore and evaluate clinical situations and hence identify areas of improvement for future practice. This reflection paper will evaluate the interviewee and interviewer’s performance and thoughts during the interview process.

Interviewee’s reflection
The panel welcomed the interviewee and gave some time to settle. This helped me to reduce the anxiety level and nervousness. When entering the interview room, I tried not to show my nervousness and control my anxiety by putting a smile, talking in an appropriate tone. I sat down in an open and attentive posture in order to impress the panel members. During my interview process, I used good communication skills such as verbal and non verbal communication, maintained good eye contact and used appropriate gestures where applicable, as well as paying equal attention to all the members in order to create a broader picture. Furthermore, I kept my answers clear, short, precise and straight to the facts in order to avoid rambling and getting of the track.

On the other hand, I was having negative thoughts about my performance in the interview that I could answer wrongly or have a total mental block. This could be improved by practicing interview skills, being your self and having exposure to more relevant knowledge in that area. I also felt that the content of the information I gave was inadequate and may not be recognised by the panel members as succinct enough to answer their questions.

Interviewer’s reflection
The interview panel member explained the procedure of the interview to give an overall picture of the interview process. The interview panel created a friendly and welcoming environment which helped to reduce the anxiety level in the interviewee, and also interview was conducted in a professional manner by using appropriate language and questions relevant to the job advertised. All the questions were asked at a regular pace and the interviewee...
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