Reflection of Management

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Reflective Writing
Reflective practice is the process of examining what has happened in practice in order to encourage growth (professional and/or personal) and it is typically used in professions where field experience and academic study are closely aligned. Abbot et al (2007) note its usefulness as an impetus in management practice. The resource below contains two examples of reflective writing: a part of the process intended to help you understand how management principles are applied in real-life using your own experience of working in groups. It is intended to help you develop insights about how to manage other people or situations.

Example 1: Writing a reflective text – poor
The first text focuses on the event and the student’s reaction to the event. It does not demonstrate any reflection; rather, the text recounts reactions to the situation. There is no literature to support a reflective process and no evidence of insight into how this writer has dealt with the issues of leadership, conflict and task management. Instead of an outcome derived from reflection of the event, we merely have the writer’ venting about the sense of ‘unfairness’.

|Concept/Theme/Topic |Journal entry: |Insight – Literature / evidence (textbooks, articles, | | |Incident (what happened) |etc) | |While this is an entry, it sounds as if the student is venting rather than |I am so over this group assignment. The others are just a pain in the neck. We are supposed to get | | |reflecting. |this...
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