Reflection of Light

Topics: Total internal reflection, Specular reflection, Geometrical optics Pages: 3 (350 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Std. VIII - Subject: Physics
Feb Class Worksheet– Topic: Reflection of Light
Name:__________________Div.____ Roll No. ____ Date: ________ Reflection of Light –

The return of light into the same medium after striking a surface is called reflection. Some terms related with reflection are – 1. Incident Ray - The light ray striking a reflecting surface is called the incident ray. 2. Reflected Ray – The light ray obtained after reflection from the surface in the same medium in which incident ray is traveling. 3. Normal – The perpendicular drawn to the reflecting surface at the point of incidence is called the Normal. 4. Angle of Incidence – The angle which the incident ray makes with the normal at the point of incidence. It is denoted by the letter ‘i’. 5. Angle of Reflection – The angle which the reflected ray makes with the Normal at the point of incidence. It is denoted by the letter ‘r’.

Laws of reflection –

i. The angle of incidence ‘i’ is equal to the angle of reflection ‘r’. ii. The incident ray, the reflected ray and the normal at the point of incidence lie in the same plane. [pic]

Exercise –
1. What do you mean by the reflection of light?

2. Explain the following terms –
a. Incident Ray
b. Reflected Ray

3. What are the laws of Reflection?
4. Find the number of images formed if an object is placed in-between two mirrors inclined at an angle of : a. 40°
b. 60°

5. Draw the image of the letter P as seen in the mirror (ray diagram not required)


6. The figure below shows an incident ray AO and the Normal ON on a plane mirror. Draw the reflected ray and find the angle between the Incident Ray and the Reflected Ray. [pic]
7. The diagram given below shows the relative positions of a point object P, its image P1 in a plane mirror and the eye of the observer. Use two rays to show how the image P1 is formed and seen by the eye.

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