Reflection of Identity

Topics: Woman, Critical thinking, Hua Mulan Pages: 3 (1075 words) Published: October 1, 2011
A parent is like a florist; they cultivate and try providing the essential needs to ensure that plants reach their upmost potential. The child becomes a delicate bulb or seed that receives the basic nutrients of morals and values, the light of wisdom and prosperity, and the refreshing water of inspiration and possibilities. As the plant comes out of its embryotic stage, it begins to transform and define its characteristics, and describable unique scent and appearance. While the plant is in its transition, the florist nurtures and takes a great deal of pride of the quality of their creation. I believe Maxine’s controlling reason of writing this unbelievable novel is to pay homage to her mother and a genuine testament to the diligence and dedication of her mother establishing an unshakable foundation for her development in life. Parental guidance can leave an indelible impression and can prove influential in a child’s development and identity. It can help define the logic and meaning of cultural morals and values, build a foundation of inspiration and perseverance, and cultivate character.

Brave Orchid’s account of traditional Chinese talk-stories clearly plays an influential part in her life. The story of Fa Mu Lan, I believe is an example of Maxine’s endearment to her mother’s talking-stories. I found this enthralling because this story is unlike any other in her novel; thus maybe prompting the naming her memoir. The reason is that she puts a twist on telling this tale by first person reference. Maxine notices the many important aspects Fa Mu Lan had to develop and uses it as a parallel of explaining her relationship with her mother. Furthermore, a constant reinforcement to the ideal to other talk-stories and dialogue further discussed in this novel becomes her identity.

Her mother becomes “the bird” in Maxine’s life and guides her on the journey that lies ahead. Also, she compliments, in an ironic cultural approach, the wisdom of the “elderly couple” that...

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