Reflection: Job Satisfaction and Job Analysis

Topics: Job satisfaction, Employment, Performance Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: September 19, 2011
Team B’s Weekly Reflection
Andrew Crotty, Duane Parks, Tiffany Humes, Zenaida Junes
July 3rd, 2011
Cathy McCullough
Learning Team B’s Weekly Reflection
The podcast identified the string of attachment between job analysis, to job descriptions, and last to a job specification; they are intertwined with each other to the point that the latter cannot exist without the other two. A Job analysis is important because it helps to clarify what functions, specifications, and requirements are needed for specific jobs. An analysis as a management tool should be performed on a consistent basis because of continual advances in technology and the changing market. The podcast for week two also provided valuable insight into the importance of the difference between job analysis and performance management. They differ because a job analysis does not measure an employee’s performance on the job.  A job analysis basically identifies what skills, characteristics, training and education is needed for an employee to perform a job successfully.  The data gathered from the cumulative completion of an analysis, descriptions, and specifications from a job is how a company can better adjust its recruiting and selecting processes, develop compensation and benefits, and update training and development programs.

As a team the Job Diagnostic Survey showed the commonality that there was a mutual high level to very high level of three characteristics: Task Identity, Task Significance, and Feedback. The differing views around skill variety and autonomy can be linked to the various levels of employment enjoyed by the members of the team. The differences in roles, skills and requirements naturally dictate feelings of autonomy and to what extent various skills are used. Through the overview it was determined that job satisfaction and performance are linked to these defined characteristics of a job. The test specifically identified the variety of skills, how clear the task is, how...
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