Reflection Essay

Topics: Writing, Essay, Revision Pages: 2 (394 words) Published: August 25, 2013
Reflection Final
Joshua Smith
English 090
Renae Gurley
March 17, 2013

1. Explain how your experiences as a writer have changed during the duration of this course. My experiences as a writer have changed during the duration of this course greatly. I now have a better understanding of writing in general. The entire process has become clearer to me, starting with brainstorming which is now easier and a better way to get my ideas together clearly. From my revisions I have noticed the errors I make the most and have learned to try to catch then when reviewing my work before submission. This course has made me a better writer and I am very proud of my progress. 2. In reviewing your revised writing from this course, describe how the revision process allowed your essays to evolve. In reviewing my revised writing from the course, I have noticed an evolution in my ability to convey my points clearly. I think one of my major issues was selecting the appropriate words and grammar usages that aided in explaining my points. I tend to write how I speak, and both require different rules and skills. My writing has evolved because I now can look for errors and correct them, which enhances my reader’s comprehension. 3. Pick one (1) of the essays you revised. Reflecting on it, describe the changes you would make to improve it. The topic of my choice essay was one of my favorite essays. Most of the errors made were minor verb usage, incomplete sentences and minor grammar issues. I chose this one because it had the least errors, which shows me I have greatly improved. I really enjoyed the topic and I was able to convey my point even clearer during the process of writing it. This will be an essay that I keep to reference in the future. 4. Discuss the Patterns of Errors that you have been able to eliminate from using this tool. Identify other Patterns of Errors you need to improve upon and explain how you will do so. The patterns of errors made were basically...
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