Reflection Essay

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Jaron Douglass
1st Hour
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Panel Discussion Reflection Essay
The panel discussion is a very helpful activity that gave me a lot of feedback and ideas about what to do with my paper and how to make it clearer. Starting out, I explained exactly what I was writing about and why. After I did that, I showed them examples of my research and the different views I have been looking at. My facilitator, Mrs. Davis, told me a lot of useful ways to work what I wanted to do and say into my paper without it coming off as bias and unclear.

I think the entire activity went really well. Everything came across how I wanted and I got a lot of positive feedback. Things as little as “instead of just government, saying federal government” will really help me and make things a lot more clear for the reader.

Being able to actually help others with their papers helped me with mine. Giving advice on how to do certain things gave me some ideas I didn’t really use in my paper and note taking. I told someone that instead of just looking at Michigan’s cop death-rate, to compare the death rate to crime rates to show why police work is getting more and more dangerous. This would be a good way to get a point across to the reader and that is something I am going to do but instead of comparing reasons, compare different countries results.

If I could change one thing about this activity it would be the timing of everything. As I did the discussion I had to cut what I was saying really short because I had so many notes that I couldn’t share them all. That caused people to give me feedback on things I had already done which wasted a bit of time. I wouldn’t give only 10 minutes to present what they have been doing, I would give much more time like 15-20 minutes and let the student choose how they divide their time. Because my group was cut short with certain things, we finished 45 minutes early. Within that 45 minutes, if we would have been able to have more time, I could...
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