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Reflection: Day of silence

By SheFlier Nov 24, 2013 432 Words
Today felt breath taking before I knew what would take place. While on my way to class, I decided to stop at a table and grab a piece of tape, two small cards, and a ribbon that would help keep peace for those individuals that are being bullied for being different. I don't think it's right for anyone to be discriminant against another who is gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. I am not neither. However, I will do anything to support their cause. On this day, I realized how ignorant and judge mental human beings can be. They're so busy caught up in who are the supporters that they don't realize what the support is for. If I am a supporter, it doesn't mean I have to be of that type. We all fight for the right for animals to be free. Are we animals? I enjoyed this day of silence despite realizing the careless individuals of their own kind. The movie that was displayed in my 4th period class touched my heart even more. I wanted to cry hearing Jamie Nabozny's story, but I felt it should have been kept to my self. I think that certain individuals didn't feel the significance of supporting GLSEN since they don't feel the pain of those individuals. Another problem may be if they support, others will think they're gay, etc. That's why we should come together to end this. Anyone who is an against bullying should be on the sides of homosexuals and transgendered individuals. I've heard too many stories to not be supporting them. Some were being bullied before they knew they were "different" themselves. Although I haven't yet and don't see myself in their shoes in the future I can feel the pain as though I have. Anyone else may see them as "queer", etc., but on the bright and most important side... We're all human. We can be nothing but that. Some individuals feel the need of acceptance of them. The only acceptance that should be present is the parents' opinion. Sometimes that's not even good enough. Silence is loud and I learned that today.When will we start acknowledging what will happen if silence is kept up? When will silence speak? I am ready for any teenage individual to speak out proudly without being discriminated against. Let the bullying and judging stop. Free all gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals.Are we thinking about how it would make them feel if we told them we felt weird as heterosexuals ourself? (remove our tape) Let it be known.... They are normal !

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