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Reflection assignment

By geaa Apr 23, 2014 303 Words
Geanni Ferreira
Reflection #3

Chapter 10 primarily focused on hate crime such as homicide, assault, and robbery. To me I feel like gender and ethnicity is coincided with crime in this chapter a whole lot; whether it be male, female, black, or white this chapter discusses statistics about the groups. Homicide is primarily an interracial crime. 92% of African American murder victims are also murdered by African American offenders. This chapter also touches on victim and offender relationships, and concludes that usually they know each other some way or another. I was also not surprised that men commit most homicides and aggravated assaults. Men cause more acts of violence, men in poverty have higher rates of homicide and aggravated assaults more than wealthier men. African America men are more likely to commit crimes due to anger and frustration from racial discrimination and from economic deprivation stress and social disorganization, as well as negative family and school experiences. Women’s violence has similar factors to those of a man’s; extreme poverty, negative family and school experiences. However African American women crime rates are higher than white women, sometimes exceeding white men rates. Why do women commit crime? If a man was constantly bothering you and you were under these conditions, it is likely that you would be driven to commit a crime. Robbin S. Olge and colleagues concluded that women like men that commit homicide experience significant stress in their lives both react to stress with anger. Women and men who commit homicide or aggravated assault are usually driven by circumstances which they are living due to the nature of masculinity men are more likely to commit crime. Also African American men commit more crime than white men. African American women commit more crime than white women, but just as much as white men at times.

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