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1. Write on the way Irene is presented in the passage;
Irene was presented by the author in the passage by revealing that Irene was in a corner, a dark corner of the drawing room were her face was so white and immobile that it seem as though the blood must have stopped in her veins; and her eyes that looked enormous, like the great, wide, startled brown eyes of an owl. The author compares Irene to a captive owl, bunched in its soft feathers against the wires of a cage. Irene was also described as a wife of Soames having an educe relationship to another man, Bosiney. And eventually after the death of her lover Bosiney she came back to Soames like a wounded animal. 2. Pick out metaphors and similes and analyze them;

Similes that the author used “her eyes that looked enormous, like the great, wide, startled brown eyes of an owl”, this was used by the author due to Irene’s feeling of unbearable pain that struck her ad made her motionless in one corner and the feeling of being imprisoned by her own grief and despair. Another is “she had come back like an animal wounded to death”, the word wounded to death deals with the pain and grief that lined the heart of Irene and in loneliness due to Bosiny’s death. Compared to an animal instead of a human due to its helplessness when an animal is about to be preyed by another animal. “Again he looked at her, huddled like a bird that is shot and dying,” this correlates to a dying animal in helpless situation, that for the author, Irene was drowned by hr emotions that she herself doesn’t know how to help herself. The metaphors that the author used in the excerpt are as follows: “the ghoulish cries mingled and jangled with the sound of those church bells, whose poor breast you see panting as the air is taken from it, firelight playing over her motionless figure, and the sight of her figure, huddled in the fur, was enough.” All this metaphors are used in the passage to make it attractive and interesting to the readers and at the same time make use of their imagination while reading the passage. 3. Discuss the epithets in the authors speech and in represented speech;  It is clear that the author used a bright fantasy in the description of things, places and persons in the passage pointing out to the reader some of the properties or features of the object with the aim of giving an individual perception and evaluation of the features or properties and this is called Epithet. In the passage the authors makes it alive and interesting to read because of the use of epithets, one example of these that catches my eyes was gold-mounted umbrella, it is classified as reverse epithets which composed of two nouns linked by an of phrase. If we’re going to make it an ordinary phrase it would be umbrella mounted with gold. However, it could be a compound epithet as well. Another epithet is A bright fire of cedar logs burned in the grate, this is a simple epithet having adjective, noun and participles. The supple erectness of her figure was gone, this is another simple epithet with an adjective which is the word supple and erectness and a past participle is the word gone. 4. Analyze represented speech used in the passage and its peculiarities;  If we’re going comprehend the passage, we can notice that there are only three characters, Irene, Soames, and Bosiney. However, the passage only focused in two of the characters, Irene and Soames. Soames were emphasized because of his anger and pain to Irene due to his wife’s infidelity to him. The author focused on the feelings of Soames but if were going to look into what really the author wants to perceives by the reader, it was Irene, who was in great pain and as if she was the victim. But if were going to look at in deeper it was Soames, the real victim of Irene’s unfaithfulness and infidelity, that she had an educe relationship with other man (Bosiney) while she’s married...
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