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Marcin Drop

Professor Lord Reflective Essay

WRD 103

This semester, I have learned many new ways to summarize articles and further expand my knowledge of using quotes to enhance my writing. A key area in which I struggled beforehand was my repetition of words, which made my writing contain more words than needed to prove my point. I would introduce a small phrase in the beginning of my sentences, which I discovered are not needed. For example, in one of my essays, I started a sentence using, “To help fight his viewpoint, Ewen introduces...”, yet the beginning of that phrase only made my point drag on. Another key element of my writing was how I constantly strayed away from my main thesis and created others. In my summary of the article, “Hard Bodies”, I argued how working out can be seen as either an act of work or leisure. I then decided how looking good is essential to success. Because of this, my readers tend to see other sides of my points rather than focusing on my key thesis.

What I need to work on that this class has made obvious to me is that I must expand more on my thesis so I do not drift away onto other points. I do provide strong evidence and clear quotes for my thesis, yet in some body paragraphs I tend to focus on points that would support another thesis. I must cut down on the wordiness of my writing and stay on point. I cannot effectively reach out to my readers if I am providing multiple theses. Something that I am good at is making my readers see my opinion even if it is out of the box thinking. My writing has a certain flow to it as well because of the way I write. The articles and the professor in this class helped bring out my skill in writing while revealing the faults. For that key reason, I respect this class.

I realized how important writing is within our society today. Especially how I am going into the field of accounting and business, I will constantly be asked to write...
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