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Reflection Geoff Brosch 1/17 2B
I have chosen two of my works to edit and revise to make it free of errors and perfect. My business letter and process essay, the works I have chosen, are very similar to each other. These two pieces are my favorites that I have picked out of my W.I.P. file. The letter and the essay both blend with a favorite subject of mine. They both involve sports.

I love sports, including baseball and football. My complaint letter to Dick’s Sporting Goods shows a lot of my tastes and interests in life. My concern is about a depleted supply of sporting goods. My complaint I stated in my letter is an actual thought of mine. I chose my business letter because I think people should agree with me on the matter in my business letter.

Baseball is a sport I like to talk about in conversation, and I really like to write about it too. I have always loved baseball, so that is why I wrote about the first lesson in the game of baseball: how to swing a bat. I wrote about this process because I think people who like and appreciate (and possibly want to learn the game) baseball should know the proper way of bat form. My essay is also a good example of a process. I have always loved baseball, and I will always write about sports.

My work represents how I feel. The letter and the essay are about sports. My business letter reflected how I felt about my strong will and complaint. My process essay showed how much I love baseball. Writing shows what you are as a writer, a thinker, and a person.
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