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Professional Practice Two
WYP 502
Assignment 2
25thMarch 2013

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ReflectionP3 – P6
Reference ListP7
Appendix ListP8
Appendix 1 –Updated CVP9
Appendix 2 –Old CVP10
Appendix 3 – Updated SWOTP11
Appendix 4 –Old SWOTP 12

The purpose of this assignment was to reflect and compare four different documents, before analysing the changes made between an updated CV (curriculum vitae) and a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) in comparison to an older CV and SWOT, according to Ackerman, L. (2007) a CV is the life story of a professional and tells you everything and anything you have done in your professional career. A SWOT analysis according to Pehlchen, B. (2007) a swot analysis is tool used to receive a certain potential of the intention and indicate possibilities for improvements. It was found that there weren’t many significant changes made in the SWOT analysis and CV’s. This reflection will be separated in to subheadings which are; Reflective Practise, confidence, qualifications and training, academic writing and IT skills Reflective Practise

In my professional role I have encountered situations that have not been as successful as I would have liked. From studying the module “becoming an effective, reflective practitioner” I have been able to gain the confidence, knowledge and better understanding of how to reflect and the importance of reflecting in a professional practice (Appendix 4). There are a number of reflective theorists; I personally can relate my situations to Kolb’s (1984) Reflective Cycle as cited in (Clifford, J. Thorpe, S. 2007). After taking an intervention I can use the reflective cycle to help me evaluate in depth how the session went and if needed implement changes to benefit the situation if arises again. Reflection has allowed me to give accurate feedback to my peers as well as being beneficial to the children and my...
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