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Global economy is developing more and more. The appearance of lots of new entrants into the market requires exerting all company’s strengths to get more customers’ attention. The owner needs to improve business in the best way to become the winner in the fierce battle among firms. The company needs good employees with the requisite business skills in developing the corporation. Students majored in business management need to prepare a good knowledge and training experiences that can take a part in the success of companies. To be gaining this objective, the universities or colleges have set up Business Simulation class to develop student’s skills.

Business Simulation is an important subject that seems to cover almost segmentations in business, from formulated strategy, financial report, market research and forecasting tools. It is the imitative business that student can practice to get more experience in business management. Through this process, students can understand deeply the strategic thinking, financial analysis, market analysis, operations, teamwork and leadership in business (Wikipedia, 2011). This class helps students that can get their objective in the future. It provides an overview of business plan, giving more knowledge in making business plan. Business plan practice in class creates the opportunities for students to improve their working capability in the near future. Just finishing Business Simulation class, I already have some change in my thinking for the future. Learning about making business plan gives a chance for me to create my working plan clearly and more detail.

Business simulation is being viewed as a progress that students have...

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