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Being a part of this outreach program makes me feel very honored and thankful. Honestly, this is the first time in my entire life to be included in this kind of program. At that time, I feel nervous but at the same time excited since it will be a new experience for me. When we already arrived at the location, I felt very happy seeing the “lolo’s” and lola’s” waiting for us. I can see the happiness and excitement in their faces as soon as we enter the hall. After the program has been started, we have given a chance to talk to them one by one. I found out a lot of things about them like how did they end being there, their everyday lifestyle and so on. They open up stories about their families and past events. I was holding back my tears as they talk about their life. I felt saddened because their family abandoned them and there is no one who visits them daily. For me, even if my grandma or grandpa comes to a point when they don’t recognize me anymore, I’m not going to leave them instead I’m going to give my best to take care of them and give them love and care.

There was one “lola” who I’ve been attached the most. Every time I talk to her, she always ask what grade am I in and I always told her that I’m taking up Med Tech as a first year student. For the record, she repeated this question almost 10 times but still I understand why she does that. Talking to each one of them reminds me of my lola in the province that I haven’t seen for a long time. I felt very emotional since the beginning until the end of the program. I had a lot of fun taking pictures, dancing and playing with them. I want to cherish all of them in my heart.

Actually, that day I haven’t taken up my breakfast but after seeing their faces and knowing that their having fun I didn’t feel any hunger even an inch of hunger, there is none. You can never explain the feeling of helping other people because of a lot of emotions...
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