Refining Solutions

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Refining Solutions
February 27, 2012

Refining Solutions

When in search for a viable solution into refining ideas there are three main steps to follow. According to Vincent R. Ruggiero, the three steps to follow are to work out details by determining exactly how solutions will be applied. The next step is to examine each detail for imperfections, and the last step is to make any improvements that will eliminate the imperfections.

In week two the original issue that was faced was a computer glitch and improper operations that hindered work deadlines. There were several reasons to what was causing the computer to act incorrectly. Some of the reasons were viruses, spyware/malware, old system, hard drive being full, and a few other technical issues.

Some of the initial solutions that were thought of to include developing a way for IT professionals to provide in home help that allows them to see how the networks on the computers are working and potentially a back up system that automatically stores work onto a mobile flash drive that can be transported.

When having to decide what is the best solution for an issue, it is best to start with a checklist. This checklist will be developed from “How can? questions”(Ruggiero, 2009).
It is best to start with a basic question, What is the problem at hand? Attempting to better anticipate computer glitches and improper operations. Next, stem off from the answer of the first question, how does one better anticipate computer glitches and improper operations? A program that allows people to see how computers on the network are running, allowing the opportunity for regular maintenance on systems. There is also the ability to contact a professional immediately and have help with any possible problems that might be at hand.

Now that the questioned has been answered what methods should be used to better anticipate computer glitches and improper operations, who will be implementing the methods? IT...
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