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I. Using dependent clause and the transitions, combine the following sentences into longer, more interesting units. HINT: Read each set of statements through to the end before you begin to combine them, and try out several variations aloud or in your head before writing down your preferred solution. 1. Fred is not at Castle Frank station.

We should call the restaurant.
Fred works at the restaurant.

2. Most people like chocolate.
Inez does not like chocolate.
Inez is allergic to chocolate.

3. The two lovers held hands.
The lovers walked up and down Lover’s Lane.
It was time for them to part for the night.

4. The clock in the Peace Tower had struck six times.
We took our skates off.
We went home.

5. Margot cannot come to class today.
Margot has a toothache.
Margot has to see her dentist.

6. Tom Thomson was a famous Canadian painter.
Tom Thomson was an enthusiastic canoeist.
Tom Thomson disappeared mysteriously during a canoeing trip.

7.Please serve something besides pickerel.
Some of us hate pickerel.
We can still enjoy our dinner.

8. The loon’s call startled the tourist.
The loon’s call echoed.
The loon’s call was sudden.
The tourist ran inside the hotel.

9. Terence can register for classes in the fall.
He pays his tuition on time.
He passes all his current courses.

10. The Northern Light danced across the sky.
The Northern Light looked like fireworks.
The scientific name for the Northern Light is aurora borealis.

II. This set of exercises is more challenging. In some questions, you may need to combine the given statements into two, three, or more sentences. Again, be sure to read through all the statements in each question to identify related ideas before you begin revising.

1. The Canada Games are held every two years.
The Canada Games take place in different cities.
The Canada Games create great national pride.
The first Canada Games were held in 1967.

2. The...
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