Topics: Europe, Germany, History Pages: 2 (317 words) Published: November 25, 2013
Part 1: Biography Example 1: Book
Trifkovic, Srdja, Ustaesa: Croatian fascism and European politics, 1929-1945 , (Chicago, 2011) Imre, Anikó, The Wiley-Blackwell companions to national cinemas : Companion to Eastern European cinemas, (Somerset, NJ, USA,08/2012) Stone, Dan, The Oxford handbook of postwar European history, (Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2012) Example 2: Essays in an edited collection

Kornai, János, ’The coherence of the classical system’ in John. P. Bonin (ed.,) Socialism to Capitalism: Eight Essays, (New York, 2008) pp 1 - 25 De Gruyter, Walter, ‘Borderless Europe, decentring Avant-Garde, mosaic modernism’ in Sascha Bru (ed.,) European Avant-Garde and modernism studies : Europa! Europa? : The Avant-Garde, modernism and the fate of a continent (Berlin, DEU,11/2009) pp 3 - 21 Corpis, Dunae, ‘Losing One’s Place: Memory, history, and space in post-reformation Germany’ in Tatlock, Lynne (ed,), Enduring loss in early modern Germany [electronic resource] : cross disciplinary perspectives (Leiden, Boston, Brill,2010.) pp 327 – 369 Example 3: Articles published in an academic journal

Davis, Emily, ‘New chapters in American history’ in The Science Newsletter, Vol. 22, (1932), pp 306 – 307 G. Stanard, Matthew, ‘Interwar pro-empire propaganda and European colonial culture: toward a comparative research agenda’ in The Journal of Contemporary History, Vol. 44, (2009), pp 22 - 48 Black, Richard, ‘Immigration and social justice: towards a progressive European immigration policy?’ in , Vol. 21, (1996), pp 64 – 75 Example 4: Articles published on the web

H.McNeill, William, ‘The shape of European history’ in American Historical Review, Vol. 79, (1974), Available at Google Scholar,, Assessed on (15/10/2013) pp 1 – 4 Kissane, Bill, ‘Eamon de Valera and the survival of democracy in inter-war Ireland’ in Journal of Contemporary History, Vol. 42 (2007), Available at,...
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