Topics: Citation, Reference, Statistics Pages: 1 (572 words) Published: November 1, 2014
Steinwall Sample APA 6 Paper for Statistics Class Student Name Here Course Number and Name Here Date Paper Was Written Here Instructor Name Here Steinwall Sample APA 6 Paper for Statistics Class This paper will demonstrate a properly formatted assignment for MBA6140. The important point is to focus on communicating not only is the objective of this class to understand the content of statistics, the ability to communicate findings is also important. Please make the paper easy for the reader to follow. Question 1 If a question asks for a response using information from the readings, create the answer using third person, double-spacing, citations, and references, to name the important few. Keep in mind that presenting proper APA work is 50 of the goal. All APA requirements are important but citing and referencing are the most important. Sub Question 1 If the question has several parts, using Level 2 headings for each response helps keep the document clean and easy for the reader. Sub Question 2 Remember that if Level 2 headings are used, a minimum of two are required. Question 2 If the question asks for a calculation and a presentation of data, use tables to display the statistics (see Table 1). Presented below is an acceptable formatted table. Table 1 Descriptive Statistics for Salary in the Problem 3.5 Salary count50 mean79,700.92 sample variance987,398,889.46 sample standard deviation31,422.90 minimum31,174 maximum139,771 range108597 Before and after each table, provide a narrative is to help the reader. Question 3 If the question asks for a graphical presentation of data, use figures to display the statistics. Presented below is an acceptable figure (see Figure 1). APA requires proper headings and connection to text (APA, 2010). Figure 1. This is an example of a trend line of sales revenue over time. Conclusion Proper APA writing requires a conclusion. This would be a great time to reflect on the assignments ah-ha experiences or just sum...
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