Reebop Lab
Topics: Allele, Gene, Albinism, Dominance / Pages: 4 (1170 words) / Published: Sep 20th, 2009

a) The characteristics that showed up most frequently were:One nose, pink coloured nose, 2 antennas, 6 legs, 2 eyes and 2 green humps were the most common characteristics.

b) The Characteristics that showed up very seldom were:3 eyes, 2 body segments, blue legs, 1 antenna, a straight tail and 1 green hump.

c) The following traits were found to be homozygous dominant:EE ( Eye number - 2 eyes)CC (Curly Tail)VV (Red eyes)d) The following traits were found to be heterozygous:Aa (Antenna number: 2 antennas)Mm (# of Humps - 2 green humps)Nn (Leg number - six legs)Ll (blue legs)e) The following traits were found to be homozygous recessive:dd (2 body segments)tt (white tail)ii (o group blood type)f) Is your ReeBop a Purebred? Why or why not?No, our reebop Baljit is not a purebred. This is because there are many genotypes involved in making the reebop which means that the results will vary. Since most of the characteristics were heterozygous, this results in a creature that will not be a purebread as for different traits can form. Also the mating was very random which could also increase the chance of the reebop not being a purebreed.

g) What is the probability of your ReeBops genotype occurring?:Genotypic TraitProbability RatioAa1/3BoBo1/3EE1/3VV1/3dd1/3Mm1/3CC1/3Ll1/3tt1/3xy1/2Nn1/3ii1/6FfGgHH1/17Therefore, the probability would be 1/4015332.

h) What is the probability of your ReeBops phenotype occurring?Phenotypic TraitProbability RatioTwo antenna1/2Orange nose1/3Two eyes1/2Red eyes1/2Two body Segments1/2Two green humps1/3Curly tail1/2Blue legs1/2White tail1/2Male1/26 legs1/2Blood type O1/43rd Darkest Skin colour 1/7Therefore, the probability would be 1/129024.

i) Genotype and phenotype of grandbaby.

TraitMale GeneFemale GeneGenotypePhenotypeAntenna #AAAa2 antennasNose ColourBoBoBo BoOrange noseEye #EeEe2 eyesEye ColourVVVVRed eyesBody Segment #DdDd3 body segments# of HumpsmMMm2 green humpsTail ShapeCcCcCurly TailLeg Colour LlLlRed legsTail ColourtTTtRed tailGender

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