Reduction Technique of Water Evaporation

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Critical Analysis of Literature Review

Reduction Technique of Water Evaporation

When water evaporates from water storages it becomes a major issue that affects regions of agriculture in most lands leading to annual loss exceeding potentially to 40 precent and more of water storage. This water which is lost leads to reduction of productivity in agriculture affecting the environment adversely. Literature review has been developed on the same by various researchers in order to develop evaporation suppression techniques highlighting the merits and demerits of the same technique with reference to harm to environment, safety and health concerns (Winter 2011). Critique of Literature Review

Australia lost most of its water stored in the natural resources through evaporation which grew the attention on conserving evaporation (Craig et al 2007). More than 7000 gallons of water loss is a big issue. Irrigation channels also lost water raising a concern towards environment especially in North Victoria. The water lost leads towards reduction in various activities of production as depicted by (Winter and Albrecht 2011). Various researches of substantial aspects and testing commercially the practical methods reduces the evaporation method indicating that products currently have to be generated the prohibit the expensiveness for protecting large water storages (Craig et al 2005 and Yao et al 2009). The issue particularly rose an importance when the studies depicted Queensland as an example in the scenario. The example was presented in the studies of Craig 2005 saying that around 80 percent water was held in large storage tanks where most of the large storages and irrigation channels ended up losing their water stores. McJannet et al 2008 and other researchers analyzed the previous material investigating the fields using them as trial approaches. However the chemically ultra thin product layer gets compromised by the monolayer getting exposed to water, quality of wind and volatilization of the product in the same projected framework. According to the researches by Solomon et al 2010 and Prime et al 2012, it was figured that CRC-P has successfully developed a thin film of layer that will lead towards overcoming the limitations of monolayer viabilities. In order to deploy this technologically made film it becomes important to gather the chemicals and form them into a chemically isolated product. Also, Craig et al, 2008 delivered that performance testing has to be worked upon for generating the tests in the laboratory with the help of large field trials and the small field trials in the subsequent dimensions (Yao 2010). While some researchers such as Langmuir and Schaefer indulged in making the first measurement quantitatively of resisting evaporations and demonstrating Arrhenius temperature dependence suppressing evaporation, others such as Rideal discovered first that the best technique of water reduction is to use monolayers. Ever since these discoveries took place, attention considerably has caused a research direction to develop in order to suppress water evaporation effectively especially in large water sources (Barnes 2008, Machida et al. 2007, Gugliotti et al 2011). Then the research led to a direction of finding the compounds used as suppressants of evaporation that would help in the process such as fatty alcohols, cetyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol (1-octadecanol) (Barnes 2008, Dressler 2009, Reiser 2009). While there was so much attention to finding suppressants, it was found in most researches and by Barnes 2008 that in order to make monolayers more viable, it is required that materials of superior monolayer formation are required and hence better deployment methods need to be searched for (Barnes 2008). A number of field trials on the subjectively defined monolayers for reducing water evaporation have been done presented in the summaries of McJannet et al. 2008 and Barnes 2008. However,...
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