Reducing the Number of Traffic Fatalities in the World

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Reducing the Number of Traffic Fatalities in the World
Middle East Technical University
Reducing the Number of Traffic Fatalities in the World
Fatality rates are caused by traffic accidents in the world is very high; and traffic accidents continue to fall into foremost causes of death in the world. Fatality rates vary from country to country. Especially middle-income countries have higher death rates because of traffic accidents. It is assumed that this higher death rates result from increasing number of vehicles; in the other hand remaining unchanged or underdeveloped roads, legislation, disorganization in traffic. The risk of dying because of traffic accident is highest in the African region, and lowest in the European region. When age is examined as a risk factor for traffic fatalities, young adults aged between 15-44 years have higher death rates. Moreover, death rates are much more for males, especially in Western Pacific Region. When we looked at percentages of breakdown of traffic fatalities by road user type, it showed that car occupants have the highest percentage in the world, motorized 2-3 wheelers and pedestrians follow this. The most remarkable and primary enlightenment of WHO’s global status report on road safety is that it stated that there is lack of organization and regularity for data for death rates which result from traffic accidents. In report, it is stated that in low and middle income countries non-fatal crash injuries are poorly documented. To reduce death rates and improve road safety, causes of deaths, rates of deaths, types of deaths, and places which accidents commonly occur should be known and according to this information improvements should be made. To actualize this, evaluation should be made antecedently. Countries should be improved their assessment tools to measure and examine traffic accidents; and they should create systematic and organized databases to evaluate accident causes correctly. Speeding, drink-driving, helmets...
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