Reducing Juvenile Delinquency

Topics: Crime, Juvenile delinquency, Childhood Pages: 3 (1136 words) Published: August 22, 2011
Reducing Juvenile Delinquency

There are many different parts of the Criminal Justice system. This paper will bring about the argument of how we can reduce Juvenile Delinquency in the United States. When a child is born he has no way of knowing he will become a bad element of society. There are many reasons that a child can turn to the bad elements of crime. We must ask ourselves, “why does this happen”? What can we as adults do to help the children of America stay on the right track? The bible states that a child is accountable for his own actions beginning at the age of 12 but what can we do as parents before that age to ensure that our children grow up and be a successful part of the communities which they live in? We can no longer afford to leave it to the teachers or the principle or even the church to change our children, we must be the one to turn our children around so that they can have the future that you have nurtured them for.

Reducing Juvenile Delinquency
The topic that I chose to write about is Criminal Justice and reducing juvenile delinquency. In every city in the United States there is an epidemic of juvenile delinquency. The problem is everywhere and it leaves most Americans to wonder what will happen to this generation of young kids that have developed their own system of justice called, “street justice”. There are many reasons that a child turns to the streets as a way of life and we must ask the question, why? What went wrong in this child’s life that made him take that path in life? When a child is first born into this world, the parents have many hopes and dreams for him. The first thing we think about is what profession the child will be a part of. Will he be a doctor, lawyer, brain surgeon, etc? We have big dreams for our children and we do the best that we can to nurture them to be all that they can be. We learn from the bible that we are accountable for our children’s actions and behavior until the age of 12 yrs old....
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