Reducing Abuse

Topics: Service of process, Complaint, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Pages: 2 (791 words) Published: April 5, 2013
Reducing Abuse
(LO 4.1, 4.2)
Work in a person centred way
Everyone is different, we all have preferences about our daily routines including what time we get up, what clothes we wear, the food we eat and how we choose to spend our time. Our ability to exercise choice in this way is essential for our wellbeing. Where routine develop in care services, there is a risk that these choices will be taken away from the service users and everyone will be treated the same. The less a person is treated as an individual, the greater the risk that they will be seen as just a care task. A person’s support needs in a health and social care setting are much greater than simply addressing physical care needs. A person’s emotional and social wellbeing needs to be considered. This means getting to know the person as an individual, with a history, personality and relationships which extend beyond the care setting. Make sure that you respect people choices, recognise individual differences and treat people sensitively and appropriately at all times. They have a right to choose how to live their life. They also have a right to privacy and dignity. If they feel uncomfortable about something then it should not happen, unless there is a justifiable reason, like health. Encourage active participation

A service user may have many professionals involved in their life, all of whom will have an opinion as to what is in their best interest. It may sound obvious, but a service user will have an opinion too. You should ensure that you involve service users in decisions about their care wherever possible. This may mean providing information in different formats such as pictures or symbols to assist a person’s understanding about the decision needed. All policies which may affect a service user should be available in an easy read format and different languages where necessary. Where service users are routinely involved in decisions about their support they are more likely to assert themselves...
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