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jose oritz
March 9, 2014
Research Paper

Methods used to reduce Crime in America There are many methods in which crime can be reduced in America, many of which six stand out the most. Incarceration, policing, social programs, living area, unemployment benefits, less jobs. Yes less jobs because with people not having jobs people stay at home acting as guards for their properties and belongings. There are many different programs in which the community can get involved in to help better protect their communities. There are many typed of jobs that the police departments can have to serve their community which in turn leads to them lowering crime activity. The government also provides really god programs in which they give help to the people of lesser income. This causes them to not have to resort to theft and do crimes which can lead them to end up in prison. There are 3,365 jails in America, that’s not counting state and federal prisons. Incarceration is one of the main reasons in which crime is down because, criminals are afraid of going to jail or prison. On average 3,000 people go to jail a day in the US. The thought of prison should make people stop committing crimes. People who go to jail usually end up serving 85% of the time you are sentenced and that’s if you’re lucky. If you’re getting sent to a federal prison that’s a whole different story, good luck! There are many programs which the government provides the people of America which helps family with low income. Some of these programs are WIC, Food Stamps, Medicaid, these are some of the most common ones in which most low income family apply for. These programs in a way help lower the need for these families to struggle economically. These program helps lower crime because this provides families with financial help, which marks the necessity for people to steal or commit crimes to gain more money to support themselves and their loved ones. The police department does a tremendous job in

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