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|Senior leadership Course | |Redeployment | |Theatre Operations | | | |Brown, Shawanna | |12/3/2010 |

|The following will list a brief description of the phases of operations during redeployment |

Redeployment is the return of troops to home or demobilization stations. The redeployment process has four phases: redeployment preparation activities, movement to and activities at the port of embarkation (POE), movement to the port of debarkation (POD) and movement to home demobilization station. These events are important so that delivery dates of equipment are set and also dates set for the troops leaving theater. The redeployment preparation activities begin when the coalition command (COCOM) issues a operation order (OPORD) releasing the unit from their mission and authorize movement. The commander's intent includes responsibilities, priorities, guidance for movement of forces, individuals, and equipment which all are conveyed in his redeployment plan required in this phase of redeployment. Another step in this phase requires the unit movement officer (UMO) to adjust the equipment quantities in the operation event level (OEL) to reflect the gains and losses that have...
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