Redemption- The Kite Runner

Topics: Khaled Hosseini, The Kite Runner, Hazara people Pages: 3 (1005 words) Published: December 8, 2013
October 31, 2013
The Kite Runner Essay Rough Draft
Redemption is something a person has to work for in order to make themselves feel like they have made up for their wrong doings. In The Kite Runner, Hosseini describes the life of a young boy named Amir whose mistake haunts him for years. And His journey to find a way to redeem himself and relieve the guilt he had to live with. Redemption is a way to rid people of the guilt from the mistakes they have made. Using the parallels of the secrets of Baba, Amir, and Soroya the author demonstrates how guilt can physically and psychologically push a person to search for a way to redeem them self.

Baba and Amir, father and son, don't have the strong bond a father and son should have. Baba wonders why Amir is not more like he was as a child, sporty and manly, not poetic and shy. “He needs someone... who understands him” (Hosseini 20). All Amir wanted was his fathers love. He blames himself. Baba was portrayed as a good man, proud and strong, practically perfect. There was one flaw in all his perfection, he betrayed his best friend by sleeping with his wife. His best friend. Ali, was sterile, his wife bore a son named Hassan. Baba kept the fact that he has a second child from everyone except, Ali and a family friend. Hassan represented Baba's perfection with his one imperfection, the imperfection being his harelip.

The love Baba has for Hassan is strong, but the problem is he can not show it and treat him like a son. Because of this Amir feels like he does not have his fathers love, like he has to work hard to get his approval. Baba took his frustration of not being able to love Hassan openly, out on Amir. Baba's guilt is what made him act that way toward Amir.

In the novel, Amir's wife Soroya goes through her own search for redemption. In her youth Soroya ran away to live with a drug inflicted Afghan man. Soroya's guilt after running away consumes her because in the time she was away her mother had a...
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