Red Wine Research Paper

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Weight loss, Dieting, Cancer, Health / Pages: 3 (506 words) / Published: Apr 22nd, 2016
This is what happens to your waistline when you drink a glass of red wine before bed
Red wine is mostly taken for leisure to pass time but has amazing health benefits that you never knew. In case you are fighting with weight loss, this is one best solution preventing you from visiting the gym. You do not get tired since it only requires you to have a glass before bed for some time the you realize your waistline is small again.
The following are ways in which red wine can help you lose weight
• Variety of studies gave revealed that red wine give good results when it comes to weight loss. The individuals who have used it have stated of how amazing it is and is not tiring at all.
• A study from the journal of nutrition biochemistry
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• Resveratro has also been found to reduce different variety of cancer in patients due to its powerful antioxidant. In addition it has helped reduce cell damage and Alzheimer.
Red wine as a snack
The snacks you take may be full of calories but as for red wine you are safe. It contains healthy ingredients unlike the unhealthy fat in cakes, ice cream and other daily products that you take as evening snack.
A review made by Linda Monk stated that after taking red wine as an evening snack she lost 6 pounds and was able to evade all sugary snacks.
Cause for concern
a. Drink with moderation
A glass of red wine is enough in case you want a bottle every night, which is not recommended.
b. A glass of red wine as a snack should not be accompanied with a cake. Just take it as it is since a cake will add calories.
c. Do not take red wine when you are almost going to bed. This is because you will not fall asleep easily leading to lazy mornings.
Red wine is made for leisure but you are now guaranteed that you can gain the waist line of your choice. This is because it helps in burning calories and weight

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