Red Plaid Shirt

Topics: Character, Protagonist, Sweater Pages: 2 (672 words) Published: April 22, 2001
Red Plaid Shirt
Where are the memories of our pasts held? In scrapbooks full of photographs, or perhaps written on the pages of a locked diary? Picture though, something as simple and ordinary as a closet full of clothes. Think about its contents, where they have been worn, what they have been through, the stories attached to each item. The nameless protagonist of Diane Schoemperlen's short story Red Plaid Shirt does this as she recalls a snippet of her past life with each article of clothing she picks up. Red plaid shirt, blue sweatshirt, brown cashmere sweater, yellow evening gown, black leather jacket…each item has a tale of its very own, and when combined they reveal the full story of the main character's life.

This story is fairly unique, as it is made up of several smaller tales. It starts off simply enough, as the main character fondly recalls a red plaid shirt that her mother bought for her one summer. Schoemperlen further builds up the plot as the main character discloses every detail that she can remember about the shirt, as well as many other articles of clothing. These details are gradually strung together into the sometimes unfortunate memories that form the story line. The reader cannot help but become involved in the story, for it is such a personal account of the protagonist's life. Many of the readers have probably felt the same way about a few select articles of their own clothing, and attached their own recollections.

As I see it, the main character may have been a very easily influenced person during her past. Although she appears to be stronger at the end of each situation she discusses, the main character goes right back to being obedient and meek at the beginning of each new scenario. It seems as if she feels weak and out of control, a trait that she is now struggling to change. For example, when she heard Dwight, one of the men she was seeing say that he thought grey was a mystical colour, she went out and bought a...
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