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Red Lobster

By MeghanNicole1 Mar 07, 2013 871 Words
1. Why do you think Red Lobster relies so much on Internet surveys to track customer opinions, preferences, and criticisms? What are the advantages of online questionnaires versus traditional surveys conducted over the phone or through the mail?

71% of the population is now online spanning every ethnic, socioeconomic and educational divide. Internet surveys serve as the quickest and easiest way to gather information from potential customers and much cheaper. Advantages are that internet surveys can be broadcast to thousands simultaneously and can be in a clients hands much quicker than traditional surveys; internet surveys cut cost by 25 to 40 percent, traditional surveys are labor intensive efforts that incur training; they can be highly personalized for better relevance to each respondents own situation; they are quicker to complete then phone interviews and can be accomplished at the respondents convenience; certain groups such as doctors or high income professionals are among the most surveyed but most difficult to reach, Internet surveys provide convenient anytime/anywhere access for those type of people.

2. Go to and click around. How well do you think the site appeals to the educated, affluent, and over-50 crowd that the chain wants to reel in? What are the primary messages that it communicates about the restaurant, and how effective are they? How does the site attempt to capture information about its customers?

Red lobster’s website appeals to the over -50 crowd in ways such as its easy to navigate, most over 50 are not as internet savvy, large fonts, a lot of lunch specials and catering to those larger crowds or families with larger platter specials that can be shared. The primary messages on their site are freshness of their fish. The very top says “fresh fish, live lobster” also that their seafood is different, which may not just be saying different from their competitors but different from the old Red Lobster. Also appealing to people who like healthier food they have a whole tab related to seafood and health, which also goes into the freshness of the fish. They attempt to capture information from their customers by having social network “like buttons” and by trying to get people to join their seafood lovers club. With using social networks they are able to use conversational eavesdropping analysis which allows them to target ads to members based upon profile information on their personal pages.

3. Red Lobster’s closest competitor in the seafood-dining business is Joe's Crab Shack. Check out their website at and compare it to Red Lobster’s. How does their marketing approach differ? Compare and contrast the two marketing approaches. Do you think they’re appealing to the same types of customers? How does the website try to get information from its customers?

Joe’s marketing seems to cater to a younger more hip crowd then Red Lobster. Joe’s has an all around more fun vibe with the graphics and fun fonts they use. Red Lobster was more simple and big fonts plain backgrounds. In a way Red Lobster may seem a little more sophisticated but that would work for them to cater towards that over 50 crowd. Joe’s seems more like the place to come chill with your friends have drinks, party and eat seafood. They definitely are not appealing to the same types of customers and its very apparent just by the style of the website. Also Joe’s also uses social networking to its advantage with like buttons, Instagram and pinterest, which is another dead giveaway that they are going for a younger crowd. I think Joe’s uses the social networks better then Red Lobster does but if they are appealing to a younger crowd it would make sense considering they will be more social network/internet savvy than the over 50 crowd of Red Lobster. Joe’s has a whole page dedicated to Instagram for you to hashtag them and get posted on, most of the pictures are the younger crowd, hanging out and drinking and most of them are late night. Red lobster gears towards lunch day time crowds, closing at 10pm, and Joe’s seems to gear more towards the late night crowd staying open until 12am.

4. Suppose Red Lobster was wondering how well its new interior design was being received by customers at a redecorated restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, and hired you to create a questionnaire. Write three (3) of each type of question: 3 open-ended questions, 3 closed-ended questions (either dichotomous or multiple choice), and 3

scaled-response questions. In other words, a total of nine (9) questions.

Open ended
What is new and refreshing about the restaurant?

How do you feel about the new furniture?

Is there anything you would change about the new look?

Close ended
Is the ambiance Serene? Yes/No

Is the lighting adequate? Yes/No

How old are you?

Scaled Response
Are you (1) very satisfied (2) somewhat satisfied, or (3) not satisfied with the comfort of the new furniture?

Are you (1) very satisfied (2) somewhat satisfied, or (3) not satisfied with the new atmosphere?

On a scale of 1- 10 ( 10 being the best) how well do you think the current interior represents Red Lobster?

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