Red-light District and Brothels

Topics: Red-light district, Born into Brothels, Zana Briski Pages: 4 (1675 words) Published: June 18, 2012
Born into brothels: The reality of children being born into them
The documentary, Born into brothels, takes place in Abinash Kaviraj lane, Calcutta, India. Zana Briski, the professional photographer and director in charge of this documentary, shows many different perspectives of the children’s world in the brothels. It takes courage to move out of your own country for several years to go and explore someone else’s ‘’world.’’ She shows many faces of the children’s world and how she taught them photography, and showed them the world outside the brothels. Briski records examples and real life events, we can see the different ways people live and how they treat their children. This documentary can be interpreted in different ways depending who is watching it. We can see their world with our own eyes, feel and suffer like they do. This project started when Briski decided to live in and out of the brothels for a long period of time. As soon as she entered the brothels she met the children who were desperate asking for help. She started photographing women in the red light district, but about two years later she decided to turn her focus on the children. The director tells us that it is almost impossible to photograph in the red light district because everyone is terrified of the camera or afraid to be found. Everything in the brothels is illegal. It is a whole new society within itself. Later she felt a connection with a special group of seven children. All the examples, evidence, and credibility shows that ethos, pathos, and logos are well demonstrated in Born into brothels by showing real life events of three special children living in them.

Born into brothels has a huge and motivating impact on people because it shows the real world of families and their living conditions in the brothels. Briski targets an audience difficult to get interested in these type of problems such as prostitution or drug addiction. The high upper medium class, or even...
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