Red from Green

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Sexual intercourse Pages: 2 (993 words) Published: April 20, 2014
Essay – Red from Green

The story is about a girl, called Sam who is offered a scholarship by a boarding school. This essay will include a deep analysis of the text and a other analysis related elements. At first she feels like the caring relationship she has with her father is too important but she changes her mind after a trip she makes with her father, Uncle Harry, and one of Harry’s clients from his law firm called Layton who is a bit younger than Harry is. Sam lives in Montana with her father, and every summer they take a trip down to the river, but this time they are accompanied by Harry and his client. The weather on the trip is very fine, the sun is shining, and there is fresh air. The group of four people is sleeping in tents, and sometimes they make a bonfire to make it all cozy. Sam is a girl at the age of 15 so she is almost half through her teenage years, which is the time where kids are emotionally most unstable. She likes very much when people say that she is good at something which says that she is a little unsecure about herself, and maybe that is also one of the reasons why she cannot decide about taking the scholarship. Before the trip, she had not made her mind up about accepting the scholarship but afterwards she chooses to take the offer and leave her father. She has a very close relationship to her father, because she has no mother. Her father is her only idol, and she feels that she can always trust him. The two love each other very much so it is a pretty normal father-daughter relationship they have. Layton and Sam become sort of close. They become good friends, and spend a lot of time together. Layton compliments Sam’s teeth which makes her a bit embarrassed. The two of them go out shooting one day, which is something Sam has not tried before. She does okay, and feels proud about herself after hitting the target. But Layton exaggerates a lot about her shooting and tries to manipulate her into thinking that he is only a friend...
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