Red From Green

Topics: Short story, Accept, Family Pages: 2 (860 words) Published: December 8, 2013
The story Red from Green is written by Maile Meloy and published in 2006. The story takes place in the summer of July. The story involves four individuals mainly Sam Turner who is assumingly our main character. Sam, her father, her uncle Harry, who is a lawyer, and his client Layton are on a float trip together. For Sam and her father it is their annual float trip. It is a short trip of usually three or five days. Sam Turner is a fifteen-year-old teenager from Montana. She has been offered a scholarship to a boarding school but she is very uncertain about to accept it or not. In fall she will be a sophomore which sounds very old to her. For Sam it feels much more secure and homely if she were to stay at the local school. Applying had been her father’s idea since he probably wants his daughter to get the best education possible. But when the time for Sam’s decision of accepting or declining the offer approaches he suddenly becomes more hesitant and fickle about the idea which was his in the first place. One of the reasons why Sam appears indeterminate could be that she is anxious about boarding to a new school and you could interpret this as some kind of fear of growing up. She might be nervous to step out of her childhood and into adulthood and all the things that comes with it such as taking responsibility for one’s behavior and actions. Furthermore Sam’s uncertainty may be due to the loss of her mother. In the text it says that her mother is dead. Sam may have missed a mother figure in her life to guide and help her in female matters. Sam’s childhood has probably been affected by the fact that she has always been surrounded by men in her upbringing – her father, her uncle and now her uncle’s client Layton, surround her. I think that Sam feels a little pushed by her father because he is trying to persuade her to accept the offer from the boarding school and he is convinced that he does the best for her even though he becomes a little more hesitant when the...
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