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Topics: Electronic commerce, Mobile phone, Online shopping Pages: 2 (540 words) Published: October 13, 2013

E-COMMERCE is a very widely used terminology today. In this technologically advanced world, e-commerce plays a vital role. The process of selling goods and services via electronic channels, primarily the internet is called electronic commerce i.e. E-COMMERCE. Business E-Commerce involves transactions between companies whereas, Consumer E-Commerce involves transactions between businesses and individuals for personal consumption. India has a large internet user base. E-Commerce websites in India have taken the online world by storm. From high end designer labels to second hand products are all made available to the Indian consumers in just one click of the mouse. E-Commerce has opened up great opportunities for everyone worldwide. However, setting up a successful Ecommerce website for Indian online buyers is no easy task. There are a lot of logistical errors that one may end up making if one does not have much experience in the field of ecommerce in India, but it is catching pace every second. There are five new trends that are going to shape E-Commerce. The first trend is the touch commerce. We have seen that shoppers are using tablets and their touch phones to make purchases and the shoppers usually like it as the conversion rates are higher. So one can expect more of in built applications and virtual augmentation. The second trend that’s emerging is the location based commerce. We’re already seeing the beginning of that wherein basically people are going to be shopping using their mobile phones. They are going to be shopping for location specific products. They might be receiving location specific deals. It’s all going to be focused around locations; where you buy, what you buy and you are also going to pay via mobiles. That’s emerging trend, mobile wallets are not there yet but we are going towards it. The third trend will be online to offline integration. Here experience of consumers would be lot quicker and...
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