Red Bull Case Study

Topics: Red Bull, Energy drink, Caffeine Pages: 3 (753 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Red Bull
Statement of the Problem:
Red Bull’s enviable position is changing. More energy drinks have been introduced in the market. The competitors of Red Bull gives the same effects when drinking these energy drinks by giving extra energy for work and improved performance for athletes. How can Red Bull compete with its competitors and still catch the attention of their market?

Assumptions of the Study:
Product – Red Bull as an energy drink contains carbon dioxide, Thai- ingredients of B-vitamins, caffeine, sugar and the amino acid taurine. It has distinct packaging, 8.3-ounce silver-and-blue cans with two bulls about to head-butt each other. Red Bull’s cans are “sexy” with their size implying that they pack an extra energy and performance. Red Bull also has different variants like Red Bull sugar free which was introduced in the U.S. using the same packaging but a different sweetener.

Place – Red Bull holds 65 percent of the worldwide energy drink market. In the U.S., it is ranked among the top 10 carbonated soft drinks. Red Bull is also known in Europe especially in Germany. China and India are Red Bull’s key market in Asia given their huge population. Red Bull can be bought at convenience stores or at the grocery. Red Bull is one of only 10 Asian brands outside Japan that have achieved global success.

Promotion – Red Bull’s promotion campaign secured a lot of cult kudos. They also promote it by the use of the Internet, where they can find Red Bull merchandise such as jackets, logo stickers and coolers. Red Bull also supports athletes worldwide mainly in a diverse range of extreme sports like triathlon, mountain biking and many more. It also supports conventional sports like swimming. Red Bull also engages in event marketing. They also have TV commercials (Dracula, Adam and Eve) in order to catch the attention of younger generations, each ends with the tagline “Red Bull gives you wings”. They also promote it with online...
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