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Red Bull can be called as a pioneer in the energy drink category worldwide. Red Bull was founded by Dietrich Mateschitz and officially launched in 1987. In Hong Kong, Red Bull energy drink has been available since 1999. Red bull Energy Drink has been developed for people who want to have a clear and focused mind perform physically, are dynamic and performance-oriented whilst also balancing this with a fun and active lifestyle.

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How the company was positioned red bull for its chosen target market? Could it position the product in other ways?


The product of red bull was set-up to market within energy drinks, the notions of market segmentation, targeting and positioning are key to the success of firms’ marketing efforts ,it has concentrated on building relationship based on partnerships with sporting events and iconic athletes .The target customers are around athletes , teenagers, students, drivers, clubbers, young business people and farmers.

The marketing strategies can position the red bull in other ways, it was sponsored extreme sports events before, such as traditional television marketing program, radio or pop stars advertising, event marketing in sports and competition, organized public lecture, sent the sample to the sports company with free cases of its energy drink and encouraged them to throw a party. We also have lots of promotion to popularize; this can be changed values and needs of each target consumer.

'Red Bull gives you wings.’ This is Red Bull’s international slogan for its energy drink, a product which states not only to increase reaction speed and physical strength, but also to improve the concentration and alertness of consumers.

Red Bull is a popular drink amongst men in particular, with its largest consumers consisting of athletes, students, and night-clubbers in need of a late night lift. However, the brand is marketed to ‘opinion leaders and hard-working people with active lifestyles’, as the company’s website claims.

Reference: Has Red Bull identified the best target market for its product? What other market segments might the firm target?

Red Bull's international marketing campaign is targeted the young men mostly with extreme sports. Red Bull is tried to attract other groups as its markets expands which might the firm target.

Red Bull can be charged the packages of the cans for attacking more people. For example, the sugar-free version with fruity flavor like cranberry, lemons, peach which can be used with sweet pink color cans. The lovely packages can be attracted the female customers. Besides, it can be promoted some limited edition of packages for different cities. Such as, it can be found celebrity endorsement and designed the packages with the photos of celebrities which can increase the sales.

Red Bull can be created a new line which has extra caffeine. The new products can provide people more powerful than the original version and the cans can be increased the capacity from 250ml to 330ml with the same price. This new version of extra caffeine can be promoted to the long-time workers. Red Bull improves performance, especially during times of increased stress or strain, increases concentration and improves reaction speed and stimulates metabolism. Also, Red Bull can be created a new flavor which is cocktail favor and can be used as a very nice mixer with alcohol. It is very convenient for the people who love going to party or clubbing.

Red Bull can be created a new product which not only for energy drinks. It could be a food like a power bar or candy. They can use a "Word of mouth" strategy. Promote the activities in the internet, Facebook, Twitter blogs, Weibo to propagate the new...
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